Dialogue and Compromise


Dialogue and Compromise: Experimentation with Ceramics in Glassblowing Process' is my master's thesis project at Aalto University Product and Spatial Design Programme. The project focuses on the process of joining ceramics and glass in the glassblowing process, which is a well-known technical challange in the field.  Combining these incompatible materials required an extensive material research spanning over a year-long period for developing unique ceramic clays from raw materials, with the thermal shock resistance and durability required for this process. Resulting ceramics display significant versatility in production and can be shaped through numerous ceramics making methods, such as slip-casting, throwing or pressing.

The process also required a thorough experimentation in glass studio by collaborating with glassblowers for developing efficient and reliable glassblowing methods,  which are specialized for exploring and benefiting from the interaction between these materials. 

Dialogue and Compromise collection explores the technical possibilities and limitations of the ceramics and glass combination and resulted with a collection of vases, containers and prototypes.

The project has been showcased during Helsinki Design Week 2017 in 'Glitter & Noise' exhibition, and in 2018, it is also featured in 'Naturalist, Explorer, Designer' exhibition in ECNP Galeri Istanbul. 

Objects from the collection are available at ECNP Galeri Istanbul.

Photograpy: Esa Naukkarinen