Ceramic Side Tables






'Ceramic Side Tables' started as an extension of the ceramic material research during my thesis project. While exploring capabilities of the unique ceramic clay bodies developed during the process, I observed various interesting characteristics of the material such as low shrinkage rate, close to zero warping during the firing, and fast drying due to high porosity of the structure. I decided to utilize these characteristics to their fullest in production of massive one piece ceramic blocks. While experimenting with the block forms I designed a series of side tables in order to explore the aesthetic and technical capabilities of the ceramic material. 
The one-piece ceramic table tops produced by using mould pressing technique with plastic ceramic clay and plaster moulds. Resulting objects high fired to 1260O Celcius and hand polished.

The collection has been featured in 'Glitter & Noise' exhibition during Helsinki Design Week 2017, and was part of 'Nordic Mood' Exhibition in the Milan Design Week 2018, as part of Ventura Future event.