Ceramic Side Tables

Ceramic Side Table 1
Ceramic Side Table 2
Ceramic Side Table 3
Ceramic Side Table 4

Ceramic Side Tables is a furniture collection, experimenting with the material and tactile qualities of ceramics, while exploring the technical possibilities of the material. The handmade ceramic tabletops were made possible by an extensive research in clay formula and experimenting with production techniques. The ceramic surface takes its naturally occurring patterns from the mineral composition and shows marks and creases of the production technique, while bringing rough and smooth textures together. The leg structures are made from steel tubes, which display a sense of lightness in contrast with the tabletops.

Ceramic Side Tables were on display at Collectible Fair as part of Young Designers & Design Studios section, on 14 - 17 March 2019 at Vanderborght Building, Brussels.

Materials: high-fired ceramics, powder-coated steel tubes